Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our World Adventures

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Doesn’t everyone need a South American name? The nickname of people named Jose in Ecuador is “Pepito.” So, if Joe (Jose) can have such a cool name, shouldn’t we all get one? I’ve officially decided that all humans should be granted a South American name. Thus, Ryan will be called by Francisco’s nickname “Paquito.” Why Paquito you ask? Simply because I like it and it goes well with Pepito. Meet the South American Blues Brothers, “Pepito y Paquito!” Well, Jennifer isn’t a very South American name and I am, after all, traveling with Pepito y Paquito. Our Ecuadorian Grandmother (home stay) thought my name should be Juana Locquita (Juana a little crazy). And so it shall be. Let the adventures of the Latino Trio begin!

Quito, Ecuador
Elevation: ~9300 feet, the second highest capital in Latin America (behind La Paz, Bolivia).

Number one safety issue: Sidewalk/road hazards (random holes to the middle of the earth and if you don’t at all times watch where you walk, you will find yourself there).

Transportation issues: The local buses don’t actually stop for you to get on or off. You have to run and jump to get into the bus or hit the ground running to get off.

Best street vendor: One vendor sells gum, candy and replacement gaskets and blades for you blender.

Safety First: Crossing the street is a game of its own in Quito where the cars always try to beat you. The stray dogs have adapted best by using the crosswalks and looking both ways before crossing the streets (seriously)!

Funny Spanish Speaking Stories:
What was said…….What it means………Explanation……..(Guess who said them)!

”Hijo de Pooh” = Son of pooh . . . . (no explanation needed).

“Yo compre una pequeno chompa de cuero para mi hijo de dios. El hijo de Dios tiene dos y media anos.”= I bought a little leather jacket for my little baby Jesus doll. The baby Jesus doll is two and a half years old. . . . I bought a leather jacket for my godson (ahijado).

“No mas puntas!” = No more XXXXX! . . . . . No more points (while playing dice game…puntos).

“Me gusta mierda!” = I like shit. . . . I like dinner (merienda).

“Pasame la maquina por favor.” = Please pass the machine. . . . . Please pass the butter (mantequilla).

Mindo, Ecuador
Sixty kilometers northwest of Quito (2.5 hours by bus) with lush jungle-like vegetation. It was very hot and sweaty (as you can see in the pictures)….except when lying in a hammock :) We had two stray dogs that lead us on our 6 mile hike to Cascada Nambillo (waterfall). We named the dogs “La Guia” (the guide) and “Umberto.”

Other Places visted (more to come):
Otavalo, Ecuador
Peguche, Ecuador
Cotacachi, Ecuador

Next destination: The Galapagos Islands!

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Hugs to you all!

Jen, Ryan and Joe

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