Thursday, February 12, 2009


1. 100 km/h signs are there to taunt you on the winding roads.
2. Trees can be 13 meters in diameter.
3. Kash is a saint for driving us the entire time we were in New Zealand a year ago.
4. Bugs are like missiles on the windshield, they thump but don’t splatter.
5. Monkey Business is banana and chocolate chip ice cream.
6. Well equipped buses use the beach as a highway.
7. Glow worms are glowing larvae poop.
8. A road in NZ only needs two lanes to be called a highway.
9. The forest looks like Jurassic Park. There could be a dinosaur charging through any minute.
10. A chilly bin is a cooler.
11. Togs are men’s swim shorts.
12. Jangles are flip-flops.
13. Up hill max speed 50 km/h. Down hill max speed 80 km/h. Any faster than that and the van wants to fly!
14. People treat you differently if you are a woman wearing a hippie bandana over your hair.
15. Kiwi hospitality is great! We love our Sister-In-Law’s Family!
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